Hola in the Ghetto

Hello and welcome to my brand spanking new music blog Ghetto Box

Ghetto Box is going to be my little slice of the interweb. A place to vent some of the masses of music that I am listening to every day! Also some of you may have been to some of my Ghetto Box parties, in Wellington NZ, so this will be a great way to stay in touch with Ghetto Box and what we are doin.

Ghetto Box is A little bit Hip Hop, a little bit electronic, a little bit dubstep, a little bit weird beats, a little bit in between. Don’t worry about genre! This is about good music!

Ok lets get on with this.

I thought the best way to start this off would be to post up a few links to some projects, artists and tracks that are high on my list of favorites right now.

First off I am loving everything that i am seeing from the Blakroc project. An amazing colab project with blues-rock band the Black Keys on the beats and some of my favourite east coast rappers, like Mos Def. RZA, Pharoahe Monch and Q Tip!

The full album dropped at the end of November, so definitely go grab it!

they have also been posting a really great video log of the whole album process that you can watch on their site www.blakroc.com

anyways here is a wee vid to give you the idea. check this out!

Moving right along

One of my fav producer’s right now is French wonder kid Douster

This guy always comes with heat. Always high on the blogosphere radar through out 2008 and 2009 with his endless supply of remix’s and original tunes. Props to my boys over at scatterblog for getting me on to this dude a long while back!

anyways here are a some tracks and a great mix from XLR8R as a part of their podcast series.

ok this is a mega first post! But thats ok, its a good beginning.

So I have had an unhealthy infatuation with heavy bass ever since my sordid Drum and Bass days. It took me a little while to come around to Dubstep when it first started blowing up a few years back but now I’m a big fan! I have even been making some mixtapes! which you can DL here



one of the most amazing producers to emerge from the vibrant Bristol scene is a 20 year old bad man by the name of Joker. If you have been listening to any Dubstep mix’s over the last while you would have heard one of his tracks or remix’s. This guys is gona be huge.

To be honest his sound at times moves away from the “Dubstep” sound into a whole new crazy style. That’s kinda why I like him so much, his tracks are just good music! At times sounding like they need a rap lyric over the top or a vocalist.

blah blah. here’s some track I like and a cheeky bootleg I made a while back! enjoy

Basement Jaxx – Raindrops _Joker and Ginz Remix

Radiates – Joker Remix


Joker vs Rick Ross (Kev Fresh Edit)

CENTRAL SPILLZ. How We Roll (Joker prod.)

oh and here is a cool little bootleg from a South African producer that I am liking more and more (post about him coming soon!).



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